Under the slogan “Reclaim your space – a feminist outcry for equality” Rainbow Rose and PES Women are teaming up to make aware of the inequalities and growing harassment against women*, and especially LBT* women all over Europe. When speaking of the spaces, we want to reclaim, we speak of streets, workspaces, but also online space, public discourses, and our very own homes.

Our goals are to promote equality, inclusiveness, and diversity through a European feminist movement, with the representation of a strong LBT* community. Both the women’s rights and LGBTIQ+ movements are rooted in the fight against oppression and patriarchal norms, and are finding their common ground in demanding respect, inclusion, participation, and equal access to rights and opportunities.

However, it becomes more and more clear, that LBT* women within both movements have been marginalized and that there is a need for a bigger platform and accountability for their specific concerns. By strengthening women’s rights all over Europe and by amplifying the voices of LBT* women, women* in all their diversity will be able to reclaim their rightful place in society.

This must be a common effort from feminists, women* and men* alike. Male- and white-privilege must be channeled into lifting others for the greater good of more inclusive, more equal and more diverse communities. What women* in Europe need is a collective feminist outcry for equality reflected in good governance, social policies and democratic institutions which uphold the rule of law and promote human rights. Patriarchal norms are toxic for everyone in society and therefore must be tackled collectively.

We demand an end to all forms of gender-based violence everywhere, equality in representation and decision making everywhere, equal access to public services and a European feminist movement that promotes progressive values. In detail, we want to see the following materialized:

End all forms of gender-based violence everywhere

in our homes, the streets, the workplace and online. Prevention, protection of survivors and prosecution of perpetrators must be reinforced through a strong legal framework, altered investments into support services, shelters, helplines, stigma-free counselling, legal support and through training for first-responders, police, journalists and judges. A particular focus must be given to the protection of and support for (Women*-) Human Rights Defenders working on the ground.

Implement equality in representation and decision making everywhere

in public debates, in elections, in boardrooms, the media, and in political declarations. This must also be promoted through quotas, gender-balanced zipped-lists in elections, gender-mainstreaming and usage of inclusive language.

Guarantee equal access to public services

by breaking down barriers for women* in health care, the justice system, to education, to housing, to job opportunities, and to financial aid. This should be supported through trainings for employers and employees on diversity management, unconscious biases and by implementing women* friendly corporate policies.

Establish a European feminist movement that promotes progressive values

such as well-being of people and planet, diversity, inclusion, rights and freedoms for everyone. This intersectional protest culture and awareness-raising movement should be supported and promoted by local, regional and national governments and EU institutions. While efforts of civil society initiatives must receive enhanced political and financial support, we also want to see accountability by political stakeholders from the highest political level to make women*s rights their own.

With the financial support of the European Parliament.

@2022 PES Women & Rainbow Rose

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